Get in front of and connect with 100's of technology enthusiasts, Business Owners, Decision Makers, Solution Seekers & End Users looking to buy Drones & Solutions with the help of this digital platform.

Showcase your revolutionary products & solutions to 100's of potential consumers from all over the Middle East. At our last event, nearly 60% of attendees were CEOs, SVPs, Purchase Heads, and buying powers looking to purchase the latest Drones, UAV, UAS, RPA, or RPAS including groundbreaking software solutions, and innovative services for various industrial applications in order to propel their businesses into the future. 


Establish Your Brand as a Leader In The UAS Enterprise Market. Educate the attendees and enlighten them with your exceptional products. Drone Tech Expo events focus primarily on the rapidly expanding commercial use of drones in the field of Construction, Energy and Infrastructure, Surveying and Mapping, Public Safety, Seaport & Airport, oil & pipeline, urban planners & warehouse authorities. Each event represents an opportunity to promote your brand as a thought-leader in the respective industry vertical.  Expo participants will gain unrivaled access to their target buyers through enhanced conference program placement, tailored experiences, and the opportunity to create offsite demonstrations.


Get branded on all of our event collaterals, social media sites, event website, media-partner sites & popular technology blogs.

Get full-fledged support of "1 on 1 Meetings" organized with potential prospects.


Get an exclusive "Certificate of Participation" at Drone Tech Expo.


USD 1000



Engage & Build Long Lasting Relationships With Hundreds Of Commercial Drone Professionals, Manufacturers, Solution Providers & Technology Enthusiasts At The Event. 

"Drone Tech Expo - Dubai 2021", World's Finest Online Drone Technology Event, is where the commercial UAV industry comes under one digital roof. Proven to be the best platform to connect with other drone pilots, service providers, UAS engineers and developers, UAV manufacturers, and enterprise UAV end-users at the largest show dedicated to the commercial drone industry.

The event program features demo sessions and technology showcases covering the largest verticals touched by the drone revolution, including Infrastructure Inspection, Surveying, and Mapping, Public Safety, Construction, Precision Agriculture, Powerline & Pipeline Inspection, Warehouse Inventory Maintenace etc...


Attendees will take home the skills, tools, and knowledge required to propel their UAV projects into the future.



USD 75.00